More drycleaners are competing for the consumer's disposable dollar today than ever before. It is vital that you maintain your present customer's loyalty and attract new customers. Having a good location and offering many services is important, but equally significant is setting your operation apart from the competition – in your cleaning room, at the counter, and in the way you advertise and promote your business.

Whatever detergent you are currently using, your competitors can use the same one and achieve the same results. Furthermore, your competitors can also buy, or be given, the same call office posters, counter pamphlets, etc. available to the industry in general. That’s because all vendors in the industry, except Sanitone, will sell their products to anyone… even your competition. Sanitone is selectively sold to independent drycleaners around the world. Sanitone can help you protect your business investment against both present and new competitors.

Premium detergents, sizings & spotters backed by an exclusive marketing program designed for drycleaners

Every day there are hundreds of ways Sanitone helps make our licensees the most successful drycleaners in their regions. But the most important competitive advantage we give our licensees is the ability to deliver premium quality, consistent cleaning every single time. Customers can see the difference in the quality they get from a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner, and that keeps them coming back.

Consistent, unsurpassed quality is the secret to Sanitone's success, but it's not the whole picture. As a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner, you get so much more.

A wealth of useful tools await each Sanitone Licensee including our Advertising and Promotional Catalog, complete Technical Manual, Spotting and Specialty products, materials for your website and more.

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