L.P.S. 6743: Laundry Pre-spotter

L.P.S. is designed to lift tough ground-in soil and oily stains from washable garments and is particularly effective against shirt cuff and collar soil. L.P.S. is safe on nearly all fabrics and dyes and will not set stains. It is compatible with all wet-side detergent systems and can also be added with the laundry detergent as a booster to remove greasy soil. Mix 50-50 with Stamford SPOT-BUSTER for prespotting of heavily soiled collars.


Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Size 1 Gallon, 4×1 Case
Coronavirus COVID-19: At this time, we are advising all drycleaners to refer to the DLI statement regarding the handling of COVID-19. READ STATEMENT HERE.