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INJECTION SIZING – 8851 – Dry Cleaning Sizing

Sanitone 8851 Injection Sizing with Lintrol is for use in 2-bath pre-wash system that cleans with solvent containing very low non-volatile residue (NVR). The sizing imparts a noticeable crispness and body to fabrics and makes finishing easier and drape more permanent.

Sanitone Injection Sizing contains proprietary additives that lubricate zippers and reduce static and lint in the garments. 8851 can be used in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents.

INJECTION USE: Inject 8851 directly to each load based on maximum machine capacity.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and additional technical information are available on the Sanitone Licensee website at http://cmd.sanitone.com/login.php


Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

Additional information

Weight108 lbs
Size15 Gallon