DAY-BREAK – 8904 – Alkaline Booster

Sanitone 8904 Day-Break is a heavy alkaline detergent booster that aids in the removal of tough, greasy, heavy soiled fabrics, collars and cuffs.

Day-Break can be added manually, however, it is recommended that a Fabritec automated dispensing unit be used. To maintain consistent results, replace product container before completely empty.  Recommended usage for DAY-BREAK is 2-4 oz. per 50 pounds.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and additional technical information are available on the Sanitone Licensee website at


Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.

Additional information

Weight 126 lbs
Size 15 gallon
Coronavirus COVID-19: At this time, we are advising all drycleaners to refer to the DLI statement regarding the handling of COVID-19. READ STATEMENT HERE.