Fabritec International Shows Strong Future at Clean 2015

With their talented team of technicians, third generation employees, and special guests, Clean ‘15 in Atlanta proved to be a great showcase for the future of Fabritec International and the drycleaning industry overall.

Fabritec and Union brought new meaning to the worn out expression ‘Hotlanta’ with the introduction of the new Heated Hydrocarbon machine made for the Sanitone® Process. Curious drycleaners and eager staff showed excitement about the added benefits of heated solvent while industry expert Buster Bell and Union engineer Vic Williams held audience and fielded questions about the latest advancements. While the Union HL860 comes ready “out of the box” for Sanitone, many other machine manufacturers offer heated solvent options and Fabritec can make the necessary adjustments for the Sanitone Process.

With the persistent rain throughout the weekend, it was only fitting that wetcleaning was another popular topic. Advances in dryer technology are reducing the need for expensive tensioning equipment and customers report enjoying the added flexibility, reduced cost, and increased production that wetcleaning brings. An estimated 80% of dryclean-only clothes can be cleaned via the wetcleaning process and Sanitone’s Three-Product Wetcleaning System and Platinum® laundry detergent are excellent solutions for any operation that is currently using or considering wetcleaning.

International sales growth continues to be an area of focus for the company. Fabritec’s Japanese business partners from Soritsu Co. and Hakuyosha Co. showed great interest in the latest industry advancements and announced tentative plans to make a move into wetcleaning in the near future. Fabritec’s distributor in England reported growth in the brand, while inquiries for distribution from Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa confirmed an emerging market for middle-to-high-end drycleaning internationally.

Fabritec also welcomed special guests Ron Herrmann and Sandra Haralson. Ron provided great insight into growing sales through route development while Sandra was on hand to give recommendations and advice on new machinery and products. If you missed them, their services are available at ronherrmannsells.com and sandraharalson.com respectfully.

Finally, the third generation of Fabritec was introduced for their first Clean Show. Chemist Amy Jordan Bartlett previewed with customers some exciting developments in R&D and highlighted important changes to the labelling and handling of chemical products. Sales Promotion Manager Jeff Jordan announced the launch of SanitoneDirect.com, a new website for Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaners® for 24/7 online ordering and technical support.

Fabritec continues to forge ahead with new technology and business growth, solidifying a strong future in the textile care industry.

For additional photos from the Show, go to the Fabritec Facebook or Linkedin pages.